The Hands-Free Kit

The basic characteristic of this hands-free kit is voice recognition with Bluetooth wireless technology. With this system you can make and receive calls safely and securely by using either voice commands or buttons on the steering wheel. This can be done under any driving condition without ever having to take your eyes off the road or remove your hands from the steering wheel, as required by current laws.

Bluetooth wireless technology enables wireless connection between your mobile phone and the hands-free kit installed on your car.

To use the hands-free kit, you need a Bluetooth wireless technology enabled mobile phone. This hands-free kit gives you the possibility of interacting vocally with your mobile phone while driving, even if your mobile device does not feature this capability. You can also interact with your mobile phone manually and visually using the steering wheel controls and the instrument panel multifunction display.

1  Mute/ESC

1 Mute/ESC
2 Phone/Main
4 Voice Recognition (VR)
3 Phone Hang Up

For further details on the mobile phones supported by BLUE&ME, refer to section BLUE&ME SUPPORTED MOBILE PHONES.

To get started with BLUE&ME hands-free kit with voice recognition, you have to simply pair your Bluetooth wireless technology enabled mobile phone with the system.

Pairing is an operation that has to be made only once.

 During the mobile phone pairing procedure, BLUE&ME attempts to detect NOTE:
 During the mobile phone pairing procedure, BLUE&ME attempts to detect a phone equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology within range and then establishes the connection using a Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Once your phone is paired, you have the option to transfer your mobile phone contacts to the hands-free kit, to make a phone call either by using the contacts list or directly pronouncing the phone number, to answer a call and also to answer another incoming phone call.

To interact with BLUE&ME you can use either the buttons on the steering wheel or voice commands.

With voice recognition, you can perform system functions by speaking voice commands, also identified as keywords. When the system recognizes a keyword, it will respond with the appropriate action. Voice recognition is an easy and convenient way to use BLUE&ME.

All the system functions are available within the BLUE&ME Main Menu. When the car is not moving, you can scroll through the complete menu by using either the buttons on the steering wheel or the voice commands.

When you are travelling, you can interact with BLUE&ME by using the buttons on the steering wheel or voice commands relevant only to phone functions (LAST CALLS and PHONEBOOK ) and the media player. To activate settings when travelling you can only use voice commands.

The hands-free kit enables the following operations:

Contact Calling By Voice you can call a contact in your mobile phone phonebook using your voice. You can also call a contact in your phonebook by scanning through the entries on the multifunction display. (To use this option you have to transfer your mobile phone contacts to the hands-free kit phonebook).

Digit Dialing By Voice you can dial a phone number by pressing the VR button on the steering wheel and speaking the digits to be dialed.

To Call The SMS Text Sender call directly the last SMS text sender or the sender of a message received and stored in the BLUE&ME inbox.

To Answer A Call you can answer an incoming call by pressing the MAIN/Phone button on the steering wheel.

Conference Call you can call another contact while you are engaged in a phone conversation (with Bluetooth phones supporting this option).

Call Waiting while engaged in a phone conversation, you can receive notification of another incoming phone call, answer the other incoming phone call, and switch between two ongoing phone conversations.

(Call waiting is only supported by a subset of compatible mobile phones).

Refusing Incoming Call Or Ending A Callyou can refuse an incoming call or end a current call by pressing the Phone Hang-up button on the steering wheel.

After you place your mobile phone in the car environment and create a pairing relationship with BLUE&ME, you can make phone calls by speaking keywords or pressing buttons on the steering wheel.

When using the hands-free phone, the audio output of a phone conversation is heard through your car sound speakers.

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