Road Safety

Please, learn how to use all different radio functions (e.g.

store stations) before beginning to drive.

Reception Conditions

Reception conditions change constantly while driving.

Reception may be interfered with by the presence of mountains, buildings or bridges, or when you are far away from the broadcaster.

Having the volume turned up high can cause the driver to no be able to hear WARNING!

Having the volume turned up high can cause the driver to no be able to hear important traffic sounds, i.e. sirens, horns, etc. This could cause an accident.

Always adjust the volume so that you can still hear background noises.

Care And Maintenance

Clean the cover with a soft antistatic cloth only. Cleaning and polishing products could damage the surface.


The presence of dirt, scratches or distortions on the CDs could cause skipping and poor sound quality while it is playing. For optimal playback conditions, follow these guidelines:

Only use branded CDs.

Clean every CD thoroughly removing any finger marks or dust using a soft cloth. Hold CDs by the outside and clean them from the middle outwards.

Never use chemicals (e.g. antistatics or thinners or sprays) for cleaning as they could damage the surface of the CDs.

After listening to them place CDs back in their boxes to prevent them from being damaged.

Do not expose CDs to direct sunlight, high temperatures or moisture for long periods.

Do not stick labels on the CD surface or write on the recorded surface with pencils or pens.

Do not use CDs that are very scratched, flawed, distorted, etc. Using discs like these will result in malfunctions or damage to the player.

The use of original CD media is required for the best quality audio production. Correct operation is not guaranteed when CD-R/RWmedia are used that were not correctly burned and/or with a maximum capacity above 650 Mb.

Do not use commercially available protective sheets for CDs or discs, with stabilizers, etc. as they could get stuck in the internal mechanism and damage the disc.

If a copy-protected CD is used, it may take a few seconds before the system starts to play it. The CD player cannot be guaranteed to play all protected discs. The fact that the CD is protected from being copied is often shown in very small letters or is difficult to read on the actual CD cover where it may be, for example, COPY CONTROL, COPY PROTECTED, THIS CD CANNOT BE PLAYED ON A PC/MAC.

The CD player is capable of reading most compression systems currently in use, following the development of these systems, the reading of all compression formats is not guaranteed.

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