TIREFIT Usage Precautions

Replace the TIREFIT Sealant Bottle (1) and Sealant Hose (6) prior to the expiration date (printed on the bottle label) to assure optimum operation of the system.

Refer to Sealing a Tire with TIREFIT section (F) Sealant Bottle and Hose Replacement.

The Sealant Bottle (1) and Sealant Hose (6) are a one tire application use. After each use, always replace these components immediately at an authorized dealer.

When the TIREFIT sealant is in a liquid form, clean water, and a damp cloth will remove the material from the vehicle or tire and wheel components. Once the sealant dries, it can easily be peeled off and properly discarded.

For optimum performance, make sure the valve stem on the wheel is free of debris before connecting the TIREFIT kit.

You can use the TIREFIT air pump to inflate bicycle tires. The kit also comes with two needles, located in the Accessory Storage Compartment (on the bottom of the air pump) for inflating sport balls, rafts, or similar inflatable items. However, use only the Air Pump Hose (7) and make sure the Mode Select Knob (5) is in the Air Mode when inflating such items to avoid injecting sealant into them. The TIREFIT Sealant is only intended to seal punctures less than 1⁄4 in (6 mm) diameter in the tread of your vehicle.

Do not lift or carry the TIREFIT kit by the hoses.

 Do not attempt to seal a tire on the side of the vehicle closest to traffic. WARNING!

Do not attempt to seal a tire on the side of the vehicle closest to traffic. Pull far enough off the road to avoid the danger of being hit when using the TIREFIT kit.
Do not use TIREFIT or drive the vehicle under the following circumstances:
− If the puncture in the tire tread is approximately 1/4 in. (6 mm) or larger.
− If the tire has any sidewall damage.
− If the tire has any damage from driving with extremely low tire pressure.
− If the tire has any damage from driving on a flat tire.
− If the wheel has any damage.
− If you are unsure of the condition of the tire or the wheel.
Keep TIREFIT away from open flames or heat source.
A loose TIREFIT kit thrown forward in a collision or hard stop could endanger the occupants of the vehicle. Always stow the TIREFIT kit in the place provided. Failure to follow these warnings can result in injuries that are serious or fatal to you, your passengers, and others around you.
Take care not to allow the contents of TIREFIT to come in contact with hair, eyes, or clothing. TIREFIT is harmful if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through the skin. It causes skin, eye, and respiratory irritation. Flush immediately with plenty of water if there is any contact with eyes or skin.
Change clothing as soon as possible, if there is any contact with clothing.
TIREFIT Sealant solution contains latex. In case of an allergic reaction or rash, consult a physician immediately. Keep TIREFIT out of reach of children.
If swallowed, rinse mouth immediately with plenty of water and drink plenty of water. Do not induce vomiting! Consult a physician immediately.

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