The Fiat Doblò is designed and built to achieve the highest levels of safety. It is the result of the many devices offered (standard or optional according to market or outfit) starting from those devoted to passive safety which equip the entire range: front airbags and next-generation side bags, which are larger in size with respect to traditional side bags for protecting both the head and the chest.

The road holding of the new Fiat Doblò is constant and predictable through the adoption of electronic dynamic control systems for braking and steering. There is the ABS system with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and, above all, ESP (Electronic Stability Program) with Hill Holder to assist starting uphill (this is the only vehicle in its segment to have this function available across all engines).

Additionally, the new model has all the dynamic and comfort features that allow users to embark comfortably and safely on any journey. There is a powerful and effective braking system, tyres designed specifically for maximum comfort and safety, and the innovative suspension structure: independent-wheel McPherson type at the front and independent-wheel Bi-link with anti-roll bar at the rear. These are a state-of-the-art solution for improving comfort, road-holding and driveability, increasing roominess and on board space and lowering the loading threshold.

Furthermore, the Fiat Doblò is leader in insurance crash test ratings, which measure the extent of potential damage to a vehicle consequent to low speed collisions. In many European markets (first and foremost Germany and the UK), insurance premiums vary according to the rating attributed to the vehicle by insurance associations. The evaluation is based on the average costs for repairs and on the statistic frequency of accidents. This is an obvious advantage even when this does not mean paying smaller insurance premiums: anywhere in the world and for all customers, a lower damage potential means cheaper repair costs and is the result of clever design implemented to reduce wrecking and improving part disassembly and reassembly of parts.

The Fiat Doblò surrounds driver and passengers with technology that increases comfort and help keep the driver to focus on the road: this includes an automatic climate control system with distribution to rear seats, an MP3 stereo with controls on the steering wheel, cruise control, parking sensors, a built-in Blue&Me hands-free system and a "Blue&Me-TomTom" navigation system. The latter is a fully integrated infotainment system whose practical colour touch-screen allows you to manage phone calls, satellite navigation and all the driving information you need. The device is the result of a partnership between Fiat Group Automobiles and TomTom, the European leader in portable navigation systems, and integrates with the vehicle using the Blue&Me system developed with Magneti Marelli.

Blue&Me-TomTom is fixed in an easily accessible and safe position, from where it can still be removed for other purposes. The system is operated from controls on the steering wheel and by voice commands. An exclusive "Car Menu" displays information on the car and all connected devices:

all trip information on a single screen: distance travelled, consumption and range;
fuel reserve warning and directions to the nearest filling station;
places of interest, Fiat Group service centres and methane LPG filling stations;
management of the mobile phone connected to Blue&Me: calls, information, contacts and call log;
"eco:Drive Info": real-time information on your driving style and suggestions for reducing environmental impact and optimising consumption by changing gear and using the accelerator to suit the nature of the route.

Finally, the new Fiat will be available with Blue&Me, including hands-free with Bluetooth® interface and next-gen voice recognition, USB port, MP3 player, SMS interpreter. The innovative Blue&Me system has won prestigious international awards and been a real commercial success. Sales are fast approaching one million units, installed on various Fiat Group Automobiles models.

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