Cheap running that respects the environment

Environmental protection has been one of the guiding principles in the production of the Fiat Doblò. It is no accident that its pollution control equipment is much more effective than that required by current legislation.

Nonetheless, the environment cannot get by without a concerted effort from everyone.

By following a few simple rules you can avoid harming the environment and often cut down fuel consumption at the same time.

On this subject, a few useful tips have been given below to supplement those marked by symbol the various points of the handbook.

You are asked to read both the former and the latter carefully.


The correct use of pollution control devices not only ensures respect for the environment but also has an effect on the vehicles performance. Keeping these devices in good condition is therefore a fundamental rule for driving that is easy on your pocket and on the environment too.

The first step to take is to follow the SERVICE SCHEDULE to the letter.

If your vehicle has a petrol engine use only unleaded petrol.

If you have trouble starting, do not keep turning the ignition key for long periods. Be especially careful to avoid bump starting the vehicle by pushing, towing or rolling downhill: these are all maneuvers that can damage the catalytic exhaust. Use an auxiliary battery for start-ups only.

If the engine begins to loose its smoothness, when traveling, continue your journey but reduce the demands you are making on the engine and have the vehicle seen to at a Fiat Dealership as soon as possible.

When the instrument panel fuel reserve warning light comes on, fill up as soon as possible. A low level of fuel can cause an uneven supply of fuel to the engine with the inevitable increase in the temperature of the exhaust gas and serious damage to the catalytic converter.

Never run the engine with one or more spark plugs disconnected, even for testing purposes.

Do not warm up the engine by letting it idle for a while before moving off unless the outside temperature is very low and, even in this case, only do so for less than 30 seconds.

Do not install other heat shields and do not remove those already fitted to the catalytic converter and exhaust pipe.

and exhaust pipe. Do not allow anything to be sprayed onto the catalytic converter, lambda sensor and exhaust pipe.

For this reason do not park the vehicle over inflammable material (grass, dry When functioning normally the catalytic converter reaches high temperatures.

For this reason do not park the vehicle over inflammable material (grass, dry leaves, pine needles etc.): fire hazard.

Towing trailers Ignoring the above rules may lead to fire.

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