EVIC Displays

EVIC Display Manual
EVIC Display Manual Transmission

1 Temperature Indicator
6 Message Display
2 Fuel Level Gauge
7 Coolant Temperature Gauge
3 Clock
8 Digital Speedometer
4 Odometer
9 Ice Warning Indicator
5 Sport Mode
10 Gear Shift Indicator (GSI)

EVIC Display Automatic
EVIC Display Automatic Transmission

1 Ice Warning Indicator
6 Message Display
2 Temperature Indicator
7 Coolant Temperature Gauge
3 Fuel Level Gauge
8 Digital Speedometer
4 Clock
9 Autostick Gear Indicator
5 Odometer
10 Auto/Sport/ECO Indicator

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    Using the manual gearbox
    To engage the gears, press the clutch pedal fully and shift the gear lever into one of the required positions (the diagram is shown on the knob). IMPORTANT The car can only be put into reverse ge ...

    6. Park/Headlight ON Indicator / Follow Me Home(Headlight Delay) Indicator If Equipped
    This indicator will illuminate when the park lights or headlights are turned on. If the Follow Me Home feature is activated this indicator will illuminate and the EVIC will show how long the fun ...

    Flowing/Rising Water
    WARNING! Do not drive on or across a road or path where water is flowing and/or rising (as in storm run-off). Flowing water can wear away the road or paths surface and cause your vehicle to sin ...