Annual inspection schedule

For vehicles with an annual mileage of below 20.000 km (for example about 10.000 km) the following yearly inspection programmed is advised:

check tyre conditions/wear and adjust pressure if required (including the spare wheel).

check light system operation (headlights, direction indicators, hazard lights, boot lights, passenger compartment lights, glove box light, warning lights, etc.).

check windscreen wiper/washer operation, adjust nozzles.

check windscreen/rear window blade position/wear check front disk brake pad conditions and wear.

check cleanness of bonnet and boot locks and lever cleanness and lubrication sight inspect the conditions of: engine, gearbox, transmission, pipes and hoses (exhaust - fuel - brakes), rubber parts (boots, sleeves, bushes, etc) brake and fuel hoses.

check battery charge.

visual check on various drive belt conditions.

check and top up, if required, fluid levels (engine coolant, brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid, battery fluid, etc.).

change engine oil.

change engine oil filter.

replace pollen filter (where provided).

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